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Welcome to WB4JWM's website, a place where I share some of my knowledge and experiences with others regarding the 630 Meter Amateur Band.

QTH Eatonton, Georgia EM83ji

Name is Tom; first licensed in 1968 as WN4JWM, then 1969 as WB4JWM. I also hold General Radiotelephone 2nd Class operators licenses.

After retiring May 2015 from the communications industry, primarily Two Way radio and later 2 and 6 GHZ microwave transport systems, I am back active on MF, HF, 6 and 2 meters.

My station is a Kenwood TS-990S, 160 meter OCF dipole on HF. On 6 Meters a Beko HLV-1950 amplifier and JK-65, 5 element beam.

Icom IC-9100 on 2 Meters with TE-Systems 1452G amplifier, and a M2-12 12 element beam at 50'.

Now active on 630 meters using the TS-990 1mw out on the DRV port, into a 200 watt homebrew FET Linear amplifier. Antenna is a 40' vertical 300' T, and 8-200' radials resulting in 5 watts EIRP out. I have 36 States worked, and 3 DXCC.

The files below are PDF and may be downloaded.

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